Hello & Introduction.

So this is my new blog?

Who am I?
An electronics engineer working as a consultant.
Live and work in Mid Herts.
Cynic. Pragmatist. Fifty and a bit. Geek. Nerd. Freemason.
Occasional Pedant. Child-Free. Attached.
I’ll write up bio, contacts etc within the next few days as a separate post.

Why did I do this?
I want something beyond twitter Facebook and the constant grief they cause me. In particular, I don’t like the way either is going. I’m not dropping either, but my longer and more serious posts will probably end up here first.

What will I find here?

General nerdery. Technical discussions about electronics an engineering.
Discussion of Films and TV. I don’t do Hollyweird, horror, gore, Anime or fauna. I do do European, Scandinavian and some America Comedy and Drama, I do documentaries, especially history, science, engineering and flora.

You will find rants here. They will be clearly marked.

You might find some of my family genealogy here.

You might even find some current affairs and politics.

I’m not right wing, I agree with them on some things, but I am more than cynical enough to see through some of their crap. I am a partial contrarian, but I don’t believe politics can boss economics, science or other reality around.  If it tries, it will always lose. I am absolutely libertarian.

I’m not left wing, I agree with them on some things, but disagree on others. I simply do not believe in Socialism or Communism. I don’t think it’s evil or anything like that, I just don’t believe it can ever work, to the extent that even trying too hard will do serious harm. In the UK, my Libertarian side has a lot of issues with The Labour Party.

Occasionally I’ll talk about music. For practical purposes this goes back to from before the Romans up to about 1995. There are also some big gaps in the 19th century.

Until very recently I was very involved in Telecoms. Words cannot adequately explain how much I hate telecoms. I’m out now, and I’m even recovered enough to be allowed out of the “Scary Devil Monastery” without an escort.

I am a huge fan of “Just Google It”. If you think you see a reference to something you don’t get, shove it in Google, see what pops out. I write on the assumption that my readers can and will do that. There’s an example in the paragraph above.

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